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SoraaLaser products incorporate our innovative semi-polar GaN laser technology, enabling industry-leading performance and reliability.

Our semi-polar GaN lasers technology was originally developed by world renowned SoraaLaser co-founders and blue laser pioneers Shuji Nakamura, Steven Denbaars and James Speck at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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SoraaLaser technology provides a fundamental materials advantages over conventional GaN laser diodes because our devices are manufactured on a unique and carefully selected semi-polar GaN crystal plane. This novel approach results in dramatically increased design freedom and a 300% increase in gain, enabling greater device efficiency and reliability.

Additionally, our technology provides a versatility in output wavelength, enabling future products from violet, to blue, to green emission to address the wide gamut of visible laser applications.

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Utilizing this disruptive technology, SoraaLaser demonstrated the worlds first blue laser performance with a continuous-wave output of more than 4W multi-mode, and world record blue lasers with output over 1W single mode. We have demonstrated the first true green 525nm continuous-wave laser diodes, and we have produced nearly 200mW in continuous-wave from single spatial mode green devices.

Laser Light, Delivered

SoraaLaser is exploiting these fundamental advantages to commercialize differentiated visible laser light sources for specific applications, including laser pumped phosphor architectures, as well as direct single color and R-G-B laser applications.

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SoraaLaser is vertically integrated, with installed capacity of millions of devices per month, and our products are protected with a robust intellectual property portfolio, including nearly 400 patents. SoraaLaser is presently shipping pre-production samples into specific applications, and plans a commercial release in 2016.