SIL Striking Point

Improved solid-state light sources will be key to the future of lighting

The dramatic developments in LED technology have clearly had an enormous impact on the lighting industry. However, light source technology evolution is far from complete, and continuing technology development will be key to the future of lighting. At the upcoming Strategies in Light 2017 (SIL; February 28-March 2, Anaheim, CA) conference, in the track entitled “Technology Innovation to Support Market Growth,” a session will be devoted to the topic “Light Source Evolution and the Future of Lighting.” The lead speaker in this session will be Paul Rudy, PhD, co-founder and SVP of business development at SoraaLaser, whose presentation is entitled “Laser Light Sources for Specialty Illumination Applications.” Rudy has worked in the field of photonics for 20 years and has extensive general management, technical product marketing, and product management experience. Prior to SoraaLaser, Rudy worked as director of marketing at Coherent, the world’s largest commercial laser manufacturer, specifically commercializing laser devices based on gallium arsenide (GaAs).

Recently, SIL co-chair Bob Steele interviewed Paul Rudy regarding the subject of laser-based light sources.